Tutorial Videos

This is a collection of short how-to videos. Most of the videos have no audio, and are just short snippets showing the action required.

Library & Quick Edit

Image Editing

Tutorials for image editing are the same as for Filterstorm neue, and may be found here.

Getting Started

The basics of navigating FSN Pro

Importing Images

Renaming Files

Using Quick Edit and Automations to Batch Edit

Batch and Individually IPTC Tagging a Folder

Creating and Using Code Replacements in IPTC Fields

This video shows how to manually enter code replacements through FSNPro's interface. You can also use a code-replacements file. To do so, get/make a code replacements file, name it code-replacement.txt, and add it to FSN Pro's documents directory using iTunes file sharing. Direct importing from e-mail or other apps is something planned for an update in the near future.

Using Code Replacements and Variables to Insert Formatted Capture Date

FTP Export