Save Money with App Bundles

FSN Pro is available from the App Store for $14.99 USD. If you already own other versions of Filterstorm, you can likely save money by taking advantages of the three available app bundles. Please note that if you previously purchased an app on sale, you will not receive the full discount from the app bundle.

Filterstorm Neue & Pro Bundle

Filterstorm Neue & FSN Pro are bundled together for the price of FSN Pro. This means that if you buy FSN Pro, you can complete the bundle and get Filterstorm Neue for free, or if you already paid for Filterstorm Neue, you can get FSN Pro for the difference in price. For example, if you purchased Filterstorm Neue at $3.99, you can pay the remaining $11 to get FSN Pro. View on App Store.

FSN Pro & Classic Bundle

This bundle exists as an upgrade path for those who purchased the classic Filterstorm Pro. By bundling the apps together, anyone who paid full price for classic Filterstorm Pro can complete the bundle and get FSN Pro for free! (Please note if you live outside the US, changes in international pricing may mean you have to pay some money for the update). View on App Store.

Filterstorm Triple Pack

This bundle includes Filterstorm Neue, FSN Pro, and Filterstorm Classic for $16.99. If you purchased both Filterstorm Classic and Filterstorm Neue at full price, you can get FSN Pro for only $9 more. View on App Store.