Known Issues


This page keeps track of the status of known issues in Filterstorm. It may list workarounds for a given issue and give some idea of when fixes will be available.

Shows IMPORTING screen upon start

A fix for this issue has been submitted to the app store for review with a request to expedite.

This problem can be fixed for now by enabling location services for the app.

NOTE Enabling location services will not drain your battery as filterstorm does not use GPS. It will allow for EXIF information in the photos to be preserved, but will not add any new information (will not add location), and Filterstorm sends no information about yourself whatsoever to me regardless as to whether or not location services is turned on, so there is no privacy concern.

Fixed in 4.0.1 — Cropping shows Solid Color

This bug will be fixed in 4.0.1, Workaround: go into a filter, and hit the brush icon to apply a mask, then tap on the settings button and change from "show mask color" to "show blended mask". Cropping will be normal in this mode.

Fixed in 4.0.1 — Metadata input (iPad only)

Text entry overlay on iPad appears behind the metadata sheet. You can type and dismiss the keyboard and the metadata will fill in. This will be fixed in 4.0.1