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Filterstorm Pro is being rewritten to be faster and better than ever

Batch Everything

Filterstorm Pro's built-in library is more than just for show. It allows you to select, rate, edit, add metadata, and publish many images at once. You can change the IPTC data of an entire collection, and add a watermarks to everything in a few simple taps, then select where you want to send the images to, and FTP them all at once.

Pure Power

Filterstorm Pro will export images up to 22 Megapixels if you have an iPad 2 (7.5 on iPad 1), and higher on newer iPads. That's right, you can not only edit, but export 5DMk2 images at their full resolution using Filterstorm's powerful layering and masking capabilities to their fullest.

There are still limitations, image editing is done at 8-bits per channel, and final processing for 22MP images is slow (you can adjust the max export size for faster performance), but Filterstorm is playing a rapid game of catch-up with its desktop counterparts.

Smarter Delivery

FSPro lets you setup as many FTP delivery points as you like from its delivery tab. You can choose to always send the original along with your edited image, and send multiple images to multiple destinations at once.

Not just FTP and Email, FSPro supports Dropbox and Flickr uploads as well, taking your caption and keywords and setting them as the description and tags for Flickr.

Image Editing Evolved

Taking the award-winning* photo editing capabilities of Filterstorm and running with them, FSPro adds refinement, optimizations, and new features. Filterstorm's Masking tools are second to none, including brushes, gradients, color replacement, and new vignetting tools. These can be combined with layers and blend modes for some powerful effects.

Filterstorm's tools range from basic cropping and rotating, to more advanced white point selection and curves tools for individual channels, RGB, and Luminance values. Color Balance, cloning, straightening, Black and White (with channel mixing), and even tone mapping are all possible in FSPro and most can be combined with masks for precise effects.

Editing Features

Other Features