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Because All Data Could Use A Little Metadata

To the photojournalist, IPTC data is an indispensable thing. IPTC support was tacked on to Filterstorm 2, but it becomes a star with FSPro. You can choose which fields you use regularly and hide the rest, then update a group of images at once. If you have copyright data you always need to use, you can create an IPTC set of saved data. If you have different sets of IPTC data for different clients, you can create a different set of data for each. Please note that at the moment only a subset of the IPTC fields supported for exif can be read in from files already containing them. For more information please email support.

With FSPro2 you can also send .xmp files alongside your original images.

iptc field selection

FSPro Supports The Following IPTC Fields: