This version of Filterstorm is outdated. Please see Filterstorm 4.

To Pro or not to Pro?

Filterstorm 3 is an image editor, Filterstorm Pro is a workflow tool. They share identical image editing capabilities, but Filterstorm Pro uses its built-in library to add organizational, and batch editing, metadata management, and delivery tools on top of what Filterstorm 3 offers. Most users should buy FS3, but Photojournalists, road-warriors, and more serious amateurs may wish to take a closer look at FSPro.

Filterstorm 2Filterstorm 3Filterstorm Pro
In-App Library
Batch Image Processing
Batch IPTC Metadata Changes
Batch Export
Max iPad 1 export size ~6.7MP ~7.5MP ~7.5MP
Max iPad 2 export size ~6.7MP ~22MP* ~22MP*
RAW Support** Limited
IPTC Support ✓***
Email Export
FTP Export
FTP Folder Creation
Flickr Export
Universal iPad/iPhone
*22MP Export is stable, but slow. For faster final processing it is recommended to set the max processing size around 10MP. The max export size is adjustable within the export settings controls.
**Filterstorm uses Apple's RAW reading mechanisms and is only compatible with cameras supported by Apple.
***Some compatibility issues with IPTC are known in 2.6 that are fixed in Filterstorm Pro